For the record, bodycon dresses are my favorite thing right now. I like how easy-going I get when I wear them. I don’t even get what this bodycon dress says (“All cats are gray in the dark”) but I still grabbed it because it has a cat print on it and you know how insane … More GRAY IN THE DARK


There’s really so much in store for us as CBC members. One of which is being able to accompany a big time cosplayer in a conference room. August 23, Sunday, marked the last day of E-Sports Festival 2015 held at SM City Cebu which was a three-day event that started on August 21st. It is an … More E-SPORTS FEST 2015!


Back in high school I wasn’t really that fond of watching movies, TV series and stuff like that. I was just another mainstream girl who did mainstream stuff back then i.e. texting and sucking at class reporting. Haha. When me and the Internet got into a relationship, I started discovering things and that you don’t … More HOOQ and CHILL


Dare to Denim: SM WOMAN Launches Body-Positive Campaign The standards for the perfect body type are already being challenged by modern women. Leading this charge, SM Woman champions a body-positive cause by providing the most diverse range of the ultimate fashion staple. Inviting women to “Dare to Denim,” the new SM Woman campaign empowers women … More #DARETODENIM

CBC 1st OOTD Shoot

CBC planned out an OOTD shoot and this is basically what came of it! It was set during a Sunday so that most would be able to attend. The activity was aimed to sort of familiarize the other members of the CBC (especially those who are interested with starting or trying out OOTD posts in … More CBC 1st OOTD Shoot


Black and white (and gray) have become my colors lately (are they even actually colors?). Most of my clothes are of black, white, and gray tones and I love it. You can barely see actual colors in my closet. There’s just something about these shades that coexists with my soul. Haha. Well, here’s another OOTD … More BATWING


Talk about Saturdays and how we spend them. Me? There has been never a time (the past year) that I didn’t go out on a Saturday. Saturdays are so precious to me because most of my life happens during these days. This Saturday, I ran into Keene’s Weekend Catchup hangout at the Diamond Suites Cebu … More COULDN’T CARE LESS


I was never a fan of bikinis and swimsuits but I suppose people change and mature. I’d love to wear them as much as possible (now that I still can haha!). And oh, I noticed I’ve been gaining weight recently and it’s reflected on my chunky cheeks. They’re the first thing to inflate whenever I’m about … More TRACES