Fun at Davao City

Just arrived in Davao City. I was conscious about the airport’s umbrella. You see, it’s damaged. Haha. xD
Father took this pic. He actually wanted to have these pictures to indicate our arrival in Davao City. 😛
Against the light. Dad also took this photo.
Tadaaa~! I just love this photo. It looks so natural.
With my sisters and some of my cousins.
Haha they don’t know how to swim so they just clung into that part of the boat.
My brother, sisters and me. 
Here are my relatives. I surely am gonna miss them. x(
My family and I spent our summer vacation at Davao City from April 7 to 11.Yeah, that was just a fast vacation because I have my summer class that’s why I can’t prolong my stay there. It was fun although there are some times that we don’t have much things to work on and internet connection is really not felt there because the place is native and is too far away from the city. 
When we went boating, I wasn’t able to enjoy the sea because I had my disgusting menstruation and all I can do is to take pictures of them. Urgh! Periods really suck. Anyhow, it was still fun because I’m with them and we had a good time.


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