Color Blocking

Hey there! It’s been a long time since I updated my blog. Anyways, I’m back to business again.
To start, I’m gonna tell you that our Acquaintance Party is really fast approaching. Since it will be this August 18 already, lots of preparation are needed. So before I get busy, gonna be posting these first. So the voted theme for our AP is what they call the “Color Splash” theme in which it is more or less the same as Color Blocking. Honestly, color blocking is my new added vocabulary since I had not known what color blocking really was. 
Minimal for boys
I have made these outfits on Polyvore (without having the knowledge of color blocking that time yet). 
I was really surprised after I knew about color blocking. Actually, I made these outfits out of my own knowledge about color splash.. And really it’s totally the same as color blocking..
I am really looking forward to having those kind of outfits on our AP. Hopes! Gonna be thrifty this time. Haha. I hope I’m not gonna get laid unto those “unreasonably high-priced” clothes or what-so-ever. Time to be shop wise. And oh, with regards to my previous ’emo’ posts, yeah I was serious about those and I haven’t been totally recovered from those moments yet. But still I’ve got my hopes with me. For the love of grades, I shall study hard! And forget those unwanted happenings that happened to me recently. :3
From this very moment, I’m expecting to be really reeeeeeaally busy for our AP since I’m an EXECOM officer in other words, I’m one of the party organizers. *with God’s guidance.
Bye fo now bloggers. :*

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