DIY: Black Cat Halloween Makeup

A wild idea appeared when I woke up today. It’s November already, might as well go with the trend. That’s why I ‘dressed my face’ into my desirable Halloween look. This is my first time to have a make over for Halloween. I chose to be a ‘black cat’. No, it’s not actually black cat cause my face is not even black. Haha. I ended up with a scary cat look. Lol. x”3
I did not put any make-up on my other eye because I was planning to just capture half of face only. I look weird haha.
I also put a little make up on my nose down to my philtrum to maximize cat accents on my face.
To complete the horrific effect on my chosen photo, I did a little Photoshop.
First, I changed the photo’s saturation to come up a pale atmosphere. Then I Googled some cat photos, traced the eye and overlayed it on mine, then adjusted the opacity and luminosity… Not yet satisfied, I added and overlayed some cat fur on my face to accomplish the desired cat look. Finally, I added some vignette effect on the sides of the photo.
Here’s the transition.
Viola! A closer look.
*Sorry for my lips, they look so dull.
I know it’s kinda emo-ish because of the bangs and the eyeliner. Haha. Whatevurr. Idc.
That’s my newest display picture on Facebook. You like it? Here’s the link. 🙂
Also, if you wanted to say something, please drop some comments below or email me. And rate this post, too, if you like.
How about you? What are you on Halloween?


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