Too late to post but ets olrayt, ets okay, aydongkerr. Haha! Char lang! Haha!I had a hard time finding what sandals would fit to this outfit. I almost forgot I actually had a pair that would match the look. 🙂Thanks, again, The Great Owl for the pictures. xx


In the midst of a very busy situation I’m in, I still force myself in making new posts just to populate this new blog. Anyway, I think most people I know have obviously seen this look already for I have made one of these photos my profile picture in my Facebook account. I’m still posting … More Midriffy

Simply Edgy

As what I stated on my previous post, I am to post the raw photos during the photoshoot I had with The Great Owl. Here, I have edited the ones I picked. First stop, the edgy look. “Just pose whatever you want. The camera’s capturing everything.” said the photographer. Widen my steps, they said. Haha. … More Simply Edgy