A John Green-ny Gift

Haaayyy. The perks of having a doesn’t-run-out-of-surprises boyfriend. First, I got a Wreck This Journal Christmas gift from him, and then now, this? I didn’t even ask or try to ask him to buy me such literary stuff. Maybe, I should just zip my mouth whenever we run into a bookstore and start murmuring about … More A John Green-ny Gift

Cozy White

Another a not-so-long-ago post.Wore a super comfy sweater but too bad the weather that day didn’t suit my outfit at all. It was too sunny. I just had to wear it so that I could take a picture with it. I’m a bit depressed as of the moment. No, not a bit. I mean a … More Cozy White

The Kitty Print

Just an unpublished post with a bunch not-so-long-ago photos. I would’ve posted this a couple of months ago but I didn’t have the chance because of my hectic schedule and now I’m free again, I guess. But I’m not happy at all. *Sighs. Kitty Tank Top – Artwork Short Shorts – SM Dept. Store Ankle … More The Kitty Print