A John Green-ny Gift

Haaayyy. The perks of having a doesn’t-run-out-of-surprises boyfriend. First, I got a Wreck This Journal Christmas gift from him, and then now, this? I didn’t even ask or try to ask him to buy me such literary stuff. Maybe, I should just zip my mouth whenever we run into a bookstore and start murmuring about books I like. Wa gyud tawn ko nagpa dungog2. It’s just that it’s in his nature already to easily distinguish the things I like and he never failed.
Why did he buy me this gift? A gift for what? You should read his blog post here.
Oh how I love reading his posts. 🙂
Anyway, thanks for dropping by… again? Haha.

11 thoughts on “A John Green-ny Gift

  1. waaa, it's so cute that your bf has a blog, too, and that you link to him <3 awww.

    I really wanna try a wreck-this-journal too! Sounds fun 😀

    Hope you enjoy this book!

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