A Liebster Award

Thanks Tori for nominating me for the Liebster Blog Award! About (from the source) Many of you may have heard of, or been presented with the Liebster award. For the unaware, this award are exclusively for blogs with fewer than 1000 followers. The award is a way of making connections with other people and blogs, … More A Liebster Award

Sporty on Easter

My two, Asian-lookin, pretty twin sissies, Junalyn and Junabel. :3 The family went to church this afternoon and I just randomly picked this outfit. And then they were like “you’re wearing a skirt and a pair of sneakers?” and then I was like “omg, we’re not in the 80’s anymore!” But I understand them, a … More Sporty on Easter


Oh, my nose hole. Haha. “Afro” because as you can see, my muscle tee’s design is a doodle of a funky afro girl. I don’t know what’s the muscle tee’s brand anymore. I can’t even find a brand tag in it. Anyway, I paired my muscle tee with my overused high waist shorts. This week … More Afro


Merienda is a light mealĀ in Southern Europe, particularly Spain, Italy (merenda), Slovenia and Croatia (marenda), as well as Latin America and the Philippines. – Wikipedia Since today is a holiday here in the country, my beau came to visit bringing with him these! The preparation was just so easy. I think I don’t need to … More Merienda

Sunrise Silhouette

The early birds.(Left to right)Joshua, Courtney, Felia, Junvir, Ramzy, Chember, Jorell and me xxxxxx Last Saturday, my college friends (my Dance Palabas 2013 co-dancers, specifically) and I went to some resort. The outing also served as a despidida for one of our choreographers, Mommy Ericah. We had an overnight stay actually and it was fun. … More Sunrise Silhouette