Sunrise Silhouette

The early birds.
(Left to right)
Joshua, Courtney, Felia, Junvir, Ramzy, Chember, Jorell and me


Last Saturday, my college friends (my Dance Palabas 2013 co-dancers, specifically) and I went to some resort. The outing also served as a despidida for one of our choreographers, Mommy Ericah. We had an overnight stay actually and it was fun. It could have been more fun if we were the only ones occupying the resort just like the last outing we had together in the same place.

The morning we left the place, the view of the sky was so beautiful. As you can see in the pictures above, there was still no sun. Or I think it was just covered by the buildings behind the resort. Nonetheless, it was still so beautiful. Who doesn’t love sunrise and/or sunsets? Plus, I was able to take a silhouette with it. I could have let my boyfriend took more shots but our colleagues were waiting for us because we’re already leaving.

The photos were taken through an Android phone only so they don’t seem to have finer resolution.

That’s it! I hope to post more.
What could be a nice idea to blog? Tell me. šŸ™‚


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