Oh, my nose hole. Haha.
“Afro” because as you can see, my muscle tee’s design is a doodle of a funky afro girl.
I don’t know what’s the muscle tee’s brand anymore. I can’t even find a brand tag in it. Anyway, I paired my muscle tee with my overused high waist shorts.
This week has been such a lazy week for me. Wake up, take brunch, take the shower, surf the net, eat some snacks, nap, surf the net, take dinner, surf the net until 1am or so, sleep, repeat — is my daily routine. Can’t even go out because I’m so broke and I can’t afford asking money from my mom anymore. To break the lazy chain, may sister and I decided to have this mini pictorial. 
Today is Holy Wednesday, and today starts the suspension of classes until Friday for summer classes. What’s your plan for the upcoming days in celebration of the holy week? Me? As usual. My family and I will be going to the good old Good Shepherd this Good Friday. It is a place of worship somewhere near our place visited by lots of people during holy days.
I have been gathering blog post ideas and I have them saved as drafts in my blog post list. Do you have anything to suggest more? Let me know. 🙂

9 thoughts on “Afro

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