Long Lost Twins!

Meet Sheelah. I’ve known her since grade school and we used to be so closed to each other that people thought we’re sisters because we really looked alike back then. I grew bigger and I hate that fact. Huhu. We would’ve had looked more alike if didn’t cut my hair short. 😦 I’m like her … More Long Lost Twins!


I had to meet up someone @ Ayala regarding business matters after which I had nowhere else to go so I beeped this girl up coz we had a misunderstanding and I want to talk to her and it was just the perfect time. 🙂 There she goes. My adorable “best friend”. Good thing she learns … More Frenemies


This is Yang, a 10-month old half dachshund half idk-the-breed-of-her-dad (but I think it was a Terrier). She almost looked like her mother who died after giving birth to her and to her brother Yin.    Yang has a twin brother Yin. Yes they are our YinYang dogs.  She’s so adorable and sweet and she’s … More Petstagram

Beauty Bazaar!

Hola ladies, I’ve got something for you! My cousin just bumped into our house yesterday bringing these imported beauty products. He said I can make money out of them. And yay! I’ll definitely do!  I am not a business type of person but hey, this is about money already and I need it so I … More Beauty Bazaar!

Family Pool Party

No he’s not drowning. He was just showing how deep the water was. My brother, twin sisters and cousin. Fat legs. :s Another family hangout! I could say that my summer is well spent with my family. Last Saturday, we went to this place called NGC Ventures & Services, I’m not so familiar with the … More Family Pool Party