Long Lost Twins!

Meet Sheelah. I’ve known her since grade school and we used to be so closed to each other that people thought we’re sisters because we really looked alike back then. I grew bigger and I hate that fact. Huhu.

We would’ve had looked more alike if didn’t cut my hair short. šŸ˜¦
I’m like her ‘bigger-face’ version.


Sheelah and I got separated when we were in our (I guess) 5th grade because we were in different sections already. Since then we weren’t able to see each other more often like we used to. On my first year college days, I suddenly remembered her so I searched her on Facebook and added her and there we acquainted with each other again. So we started talking and remembering things and it was amazing. We’re still great friends, reconstructing what we used to have. And now we are calling each other “twin”. Hee!

Getting hyped up for more moments like this with her! Just stay tuned. Haha. šŸ™‚
Thank you for the read!


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