Blossoms in White

So I helped and accompanied my beau finding an OJT in Cebu Business Park. Since Ayala Center Mall is just located nearby, we rushed immediately to rest and cool down.

I don’t care my face haha
I really look so pale because I’m not used to wear any lipstick. Oh well.
It has been a tiring day but it was still wonderful to sum up. Even though we’re broke, it doesn’t matter. Haha. And yes, I wore a very comfy sleeveless white top (designed with florals) because I know the weather would be too hot for just a shirt. Yes, that’s the crappy truth about the Philippine weather. I just paired my top with some typical skinny jeans wrapped with a red belt and then a pair of black flats.
And yes I bumped somebody while strolling around Ayala.
Hi ming! Haha. I wasn’t even able to find time taking decent pictures with her. Idk I think I was just being dumb. Well, you’ll know more about her this Friday. 😀 
Okay, so thanks for the read!

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