My First Film, Though

As what I wrote on the video’s description in my Youtube, this film was our project in our Filipino class, last year. I think I have explained about this in one of my blog posts long time ago. Nonetheless, I still am going to tell you about it again.
So, this movie project was not the whole cast’s project. It’s actually me, Niño and Kenneth only. Yes, there were only three of us who handled the project and we just gathered volunteer actors and fortunately there were lots of them. Thank you guys! I was really having a hard time in handling my schedule because back then I was an organizational central body officer and I was in my 3rd year college so things were really messing me up. I didn’t regret choosing to make this movie though because I’ve got the chance to meeting and knowing these awesome people especially the four best friends in the video, Nam (Lou Piczon), Cheer (Inee Abastas), Nim (Gab Durano) and Gei (Wendy Biongcog) since I was always with them because they have plenty of scenes together.
Gosh, this is so nostalgic. And my hair was still so long back then. How I miss the memories. Hihi.

Aaand finally! After 2 days of uploading this 60-minute film, it’s now up.
Here’s the bloopers vid. ^
I wasn’t able to finish editing this back then because I got a very tight schedule and I just can’t insert finishing this up in my little spare times. And now I’m 10x free compared before so yay at last! I did my best in editing this vid. I was actually struggling because there were a lot of unshot scenes and there were a lot of complications like the outfits of the characters were almost always the same, the scene venues, the audio cannot be heard and there was karaoke singing in the background (like wth, you’ll actually hear it in the movie coz it’s so obvious), and a lot others (it’s for you to discover haha). I almost went cray cray haha. Well, we actually encountered some certain luck in shooting the movie. Just like in the scene where Nam receives a bouquet of rose from Shone and hell yeah it was fortunately Valentine’s day and we didn’t even buy those roses because it was just from our friend and it was his gift to his girlfriend, so we just borrowed it for a while. I guess that was our greatest luck. Back to the video, well, I’m not saying I’m a pro in editing but I can prolly say I know how to do it well. I’m the best self-teacher kaya, aw haha. 😛
Again, please don’t expect too much from the movie. We’re not professional actors/cinematographers (or students taking up such course), so please please just bear with it and just enjoy your watch. I was planning to make a trailer but I didn’t proceed making one because Idk where/how to start so yeah.

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