September Blogging Challenge: Days 1-7

Here’s to my first blogging challenge! I think it’s kinda interesting since I’m gonna be active to blogging again hoping I’d be able accomplish this through the month. Since it’s Sept. 7 already, I’ll be posting here challenges from day 1-7.

 1. Goals for the month of September
I’m gonna focus on only one goal, for now. I think this goal I’m going to talk about is my goal for the past months since March. And that is to have a job. When I thought I’d be able to graduate on time (last March), I am thinking that by the end of that month I’d be able to land a job. But no. Shit happened. And I’m not gonna talk about the details here (I wrote a post about it, so search it on my blog if you’re interested haha). And since we’re still working on our so-called thesis, I still can’t  work. But something good happened last Thursday and I’m gonna tell you about it down below.

2. Something I’m proud of accomplishing recently
I had a recent interview recently and it was with a company HR, COO and CEO and I think it’s an accomplishment! Plus the CEO is a Japanese guy. Three big guys in a day. That’s a woah. It was a separate interview from each of them, though. But you have no idea how terrifying the experience was. The office was so cold and I was also shivering cold because of being so nervous. I think I did what I gotta do but I’m not expecting anything haha.

3. Favorite fashion trend(s) rn.

I like how black and white fashion becomes a trend nowadays. It’s so minimal making it not agitating to look at. These outfits are usually paired with cleated sole sandals/shoes. I love it so much!

4. Thankful Thursday

So here it is! We consulted our chairperson regarding our thesis project and we asked for some considerations. Basically, our system has this error that’s making us stuck, un-abling us to continue make progress. So we asked her if we can just disregard it since it was not part of what she asked us to do (but we still tried doing because of common sense). She agreed! We were so happy because we can finally work on another and then proceed to having our schedule for defense. Yay for use team Smizard!

5. Top five highlights from summer

Let me think… My summer was kinda… lame. Because it was the time when I was still suffering from the dilemma that happened to me. You know the graduation thingy. However, I managed to enjoy some summer getaways. I needed it. Mostly family hangouts. Then I also get to hang out with my friends and bae haha. It was fun, I should say. It eased the pain even a little.

Top 1: On Private Neighborhood

Top 3: Frenemies

6. Six things about fall I’m looking forward to

First and foremost, our country (Philippines) doesn’t have fall season. Closest to it is what I call drought which is not even a season but a state or condition. Sucks, right. Well, if autumn is possible here, all I could look forward to is having a bucket full of fallen dried leaves and press them into my Wreck This Journal. I can also imagine a warm environment, not in terms of temperature, but in aura. Because as what I’ve noticed, dried leaves would turn into orange or something brown. Haha well not really. I don’t even know what really happens when autumn comes in other countries. *Googles* Ah! Just some holidays and political thingies and whatnot.

7. Seven things I’d like to work on/improve about myself
First would be my self-confidence

Next would be my fashion sense

Another thing would be my English and grammar skills

Then my interpersonal skills

My talents and determine what am I really good at

I googled the next picture (well, I googled most of the pictures in this post) and my, it almost describes what I can do.

I would also want to improve my way of making decisions

Lastly, I should learn how to control my mood swings and temper


I know it’s a looong post. But if you made it this far, congrats to you! You’re an avid reader, indeed. Haha. I hope I made justice to days 1-7 challenge questions.

Tysm for the read!

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