September Blogging Challenge: Days 8-12

A very old picture of me as my preview photo. Hehe

8. Eight things I love about myself
This is a difficult one but I’ll try my best.

First, I love my body type. I’m not petite nor chubby. Just moderately slim. 
Second, I love how I don’t stick to the mainstream. Like mainstream music, style and whatnot.
Third, I’m contented with my skin color. Not so white but ain’t dark as well.
Fourth, I love my cheek bones. They become too visible when I smile or laugh.
Fifth, I like it when people think I’m fun to be with. Ugh, am I? Haha
Sixth, I like my own sense of creativity. And I’m excited to improve myself a lot more better.
Seventh, I know how much I like to eat but I love it when I still don’t get inflated when I eat too much. I know I complaining  (or tweeting?) about being fat and bloated but that’s just an expression. I still like my body and I’m conscious about my health. Haha.
And lastly, I think I’m not a boring person. I hope so.
9. Share my OOTD

Haha I was just at home by that time so yeah, that’s my ootd last Tuesday. I know my shirt’s cool. Thanks Ram for this rad Gryffindor shirt!
10. A day in my life
I have mentioned this in my 20 randoms facts about me post on IG. But I’m gonna elaborate more of it here. So here it goes. I was in my 4th year high school. One afternoon, I got to chase two of my classmates because we were going to buy some floor wax and rags (it was a requirement for our next class and I wasn’t able to acquire it earlier that day, so I crammed) and they were already too ahead of me and it was almost time for the next subject. By the moment I was about to hold the staircase railing, I slipped. My head hit the concrete floor which was really slippery. I remembered I tried to stand up but I didn’t make it. My vision went all black and I could hear the strange ‘eeeee’ sound inside my ears. I passed out, obviously. I can only recall weird loud noises which I think came from my classmates who were freaking out. They brought me to the school clinic. I know I was half conscious because I can still hear sounds but I can’t recall who was really there with me until my mom came. They decided to bring me to the hospital because they thought I might get some serious medical attention. I gained all my consciousness back when we arrived there. The doctor said I might get my brain scanned for possible skull/brain damages. But it was waaaaaay too expensive and so I said no. I insisted that I was totally fine. I was really fine that time already. They just overreacted that they have to bring me to that hospital. So the doctor just gave me some prescriptions then I was finally free. I was also told that my classmates prayed for my safety when I was away. Haha. Thanks to them, tho. Okay, that’s pretty much it!
11. Make a wish
I wish to travel different parts of the world someday, with bae. Haha!
12. Favorite quote(s)
This is not a quote, but I really like this one:

Thanks for dropping by!

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