September Blogging Challenge: Day 15 – FAVE TV SHOWS!

15. Favorite TV show(s)
I was never a TV show junkie until I met this man I call my boyfriend. He introduced me to lots of stuff and most of them are TV shows! So here’s my list.

Fell in love with this TV show ever since I started watching it. Too bad they have undergone series of tension about their show being cancelled due to inadequate number of viewers. It’s not that their show sucks because it just doesn’t! It’s just that the show on the other channel airing on the same time as theirs has more viewers. Just recently, Community Season 6 has been unfortunately cancelled which was really depressing. But! Super big thanks to Yahoo!, Community Season 6 will air on Yahoo! Screen soon! Yaaaay~!

Game of Thrones
I remembered I binge-watched a season of GoT and after which I felt so… so lost in reality because I was feeling I’ve been living the same with them. Haha. That feeling, yes. Who doesn’t even like GoT? I know it’s almost full of nudity, cussing, blood shed and whatnot but I don’t mind them at all, I mean I’m mature enough to understand such things. Aaahh GoT ftw!
Parks and Recreation

Charming! Such a light-hearted show. That’s how PnR is. What I also like about their show is their ‘mockumentary’ filming style. And look, there’s Aubrey Plaza, the second person from the left. She’s so awesome! Her character in PnR is married to Chris Pratt’s character, Andy and they make such a stupid-but-adorable couple. I suggest you marathon the show with a cup of coffee and sweet pastry. That’s what me and beau do. Relaxing to hear? Experience it for yourself. 🙂


My fave Brit TV show so far! Well, I have only watched two Brit shows, this and Misfits, but I think Sherlock is really fantastic and impressive and great and Ben Cumberbatch is so hand-awe-some haha gaah! Oops, excuse my fangirling. My apologies. Anyway! Been waiting for season 4 soon to be aired on 2016. Gosh, too far. But it’ll be worth the wait.

This science fiction comedy-drama show is the bang! If you’re a sci-fi show fan, I suggest you watch Misfits. Tho, exciting events only appear on its first 3 seasons.
New Girl
Adorable and dorky rom-com show with Zooey! I haven’t finished New Girl bc I lacked time but I will soon. That’s for sure.
Saturday Night Live (SNL)
This show’s been up since 1975. Yep, this legendary American late-night variety show would complete your Saturday night, that is if you live in America. Bad thing is, I don’t live there. Good thing is, we have this what we call the internet. Haha. If you know what I mean. *wink wink!*

A comedy-drama satire with surreal humor show by Louis C.K. is a must watch. He’s basically a stand-up comedian who also appears to be like one in the show. I like his unique humor and intellect. I just like Louis C.K. Get to know him too! You’ll learn lots.


Another long post. Another congratulations to you if you made it this far (again?). Haha! Tysm for the read.

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