September Blogging Challenge: Day 17-18

17. Another day in my life
Well, I’m literally writing this today, the 30th day of September. Cheating! Yes I am. I am cheating with this challenge that I couldn’t keep up. Sorry. (Idk who I am apologizing to) This post is delayed for like a week and a half already but nah, I don’t care because you know, who cares really? Haha. Okay.

Just as when we passed our thesis project was the time my phone gave up. Yes, my phone’s dead and I’m officially a phone-less person now. Recently, I spent my days just lying in bed, looking at my awful-looking ceiling, configuring my temporary cute local phone (back to basics ugh) and contemplating about life. Ugh it sucks more as it sounds. I wouldn’t make this long because it’s totally gonna be boring. Period.

18. Thankful Thursday
Since it’s already the 30th, I can’t remember what happened last, last Thursday anymore so I’m just gonna tell you what happened to me (to our team specifically) that I am thankful for. So as what I have mentioned above, our thesis project (it’s really called IT project but people are more familiar with the latter term, so) is finally finished and we nailed it FINALLY! Yay to us yay! We did great I know we did really great so proud of us. Phew! That’s it before I get to elaborate more and this post would become more uninteresting. He he.


Few more challenges to go! Idc if it’s cheating. As long as I’d get to finish this and I’m out. No not literally out from blogging, I’m still going to blog and you will still have to read more of my upcoming posts ha ha ha.

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