DIY: Faux Side Shave Braid

Another DIY hairstyle! It’s called faux side shave braid because it’s how it looks, basically haha. I decided to let my younger sister be the subject for this hairstyle because she has long hair and I think the hairstyle fits her.

Firstly, grab a portion of your side hair, either left or right. It depends on your hair partition..
Simply make a side braid.
Shove in the end of the braid by clipping it in. And you’re done!
Add some make-up (I prefer red lipstick and an eyeliner) to emphasize your look.
Then, pose. Haha.
Idk, she just suddenly does that pose lol. She lookin’ awesome tho.


There yah go! Simple as that. So simple you don’t even have to get this far but you made it hahaha thank you! Stay tuned for more posts like this.

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