September Blogging Challenge: Day 30!

30. 30 random facts about me

1. I used not to like spicy foods but now I’ve grown fond of them.
I’m currently in love with sriracha sauce my beau introduced to me.

2. Drawing was my first known talent.
When I was a kid, I love drawing our house wall paintings and anything that I saw “drawable”.
3. I really love eating raw carrots since I was a kid.
I don’t know, it just makes me feel good eating raw carrots. For me, they don’t taste bad at all.

4. I’m not the jealous type of girlfriend.
But when I get jealous, it’s a legit jealousy for sure. Haha. What.

5. I love pearl earrings!
Been wearing pearlies since high school.

6. I have Chinese-looking younger twin sisters.
My mom’s side of the family has Chinese blood. I didn’t inherit any of it physically. I’m not Chinese-looking though I have hooded eyelids.

7. I am ‘scoliotic’.
I noticed my tail bone (tip of the backbone) is not center aligned. It is away few centimeters to the right of my arse.

8. Raisins are a no-no to me.
Ew raisins. Ew.

9. I’m just 5’5 tall.
Well here in our country, my height is not common because Filipinas are not known to be tall people. Typically, young adult Filipino women are 5’0 to 5’4 tall I think.

10. I really like brown paper bags and velvet/matte textured plastic bags/pouches.
I’d get so excited when going to the grocery store every Saturday because here, Saturday is paper bag day. I would always want to carry big paper bags. Also, when I see goods or anything stored in velvet /matte textured plastic bag/pouch, I’d tend to touch them and feel their softness. Aaahh. Weird right.

11. I am a keeper of what I think that’s worth keeping.
Like gift wrappers of my very cherished presents given by very important people to me. And of course I keep the gift itself haha!

12. I was the smallest (and the cutest) pupil back in my kindergarten days.
Now, I’m one of the tallest gals you’ll know, at least, in our country/city.
13. I still chase the dream of becoming a spy or secret agent. 
That’ll be so cool!
14. I mostly learned things through self-taught.
Since I’m the eldest, I didn’t grow dependent on my siblings/parents (or anyone) on my school activities and homeworks. My mom’s a working mom and always not at home. So I did and learned things by myself as I grew older.

15. I can be the weirdest person you could ever talk to.
Because I am also awkward and my mind is full of crap.

16. I am crafty.
I like making scrap books and everything that involves cutting, glue-ing, construction papers and the like.
17. My surname is so exotic.
Have you heard the surname “Cutar” in so many places? No.
18. When I read a book, I like listening to music without lyrics.
Just pure melody and no words. It is because the song lyrics distracts with the words I’m reading in the book and it makes me uncomfortable and I tend not to completely understand what I am reading.
19. I passed out once in high school.
Because I slipped while chasing two of my classmates and hit my head on the concrete floor.
My classmates thought it was dead serious that they prayed for me when I was still in the hospital (I was at the school clinic first, then they took me to the hospital). Haha lol, right.
20. I am sometimes extremely forgetful.
*forgets what to write in this part*

21. I am anemic.
Yes, I cannot donate blood. I think it’s me who needs a blood donor. Haha. Runs in the family.
22. When I was, I think 11 or 12 years old, I jumped on a barbed wire.
Four of its thorns stabbed under my right thigh. The four aligned scars are still visible. It looks horrible.

 23. I’m into indie music and not mainstream ones. 
So if you’d ask me what songs to listen, you’d prolly not get familiar with what I’d suggest.

24. I have been a major procrastinator.
It got worse when I was in college.

25. I am a forever fangirl of Daniel Radcliffe.
Since I discovered Harry Potter, he has became my 5ever crush.

26. Cats are my favorite animal. 
Then dogs.

28. I can be very organized and messy.
Sometimes I am organized. My room, my things, my closet, our house. But sometimes, when I get totally lazy, expect the messiest place ever.

29. I had a relationship with a lesbian once.
Nah, I am not scared to admit it anymore. Yes I WAS a lil afraid sharing this before but now I have realized that it was rude (to my ex’s part and to people like her). We’re already adults after all (aren’t you?). Mature minds won’t react stupid to this. Yep, I had this kind of relationship when I was in high school. It lasted for a short period of time only.

30. I have irregular menstrual cycle.
 Sometimes I get delayed for like 1 to 2 weeks or a month to three. I think this is because I am anemic.

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