September Blogging Challenge: Days 22-29

22. Songs I currently have on repeat
I have been on Spotify lately and my, this app rocks. I discovered a lot of cool bands, most of them are indies. So, here are the songs I have currently on repeat:

23. Things I want to learn how to do
To play the guitar! 
This seems to be very awful but when I tend to learn a couple of guitar chords I forget them immediately after 24 hours. For goodness sake, I have been learning the guitar inconsistently mainly because of lack of time. Man, when will I be able to really learn this simple stuff.
To skate.
 Both roller and ice skating. Since I was a kid I’ve been dreaming to know how to skate on rollers and blades.
To bake.
Someday I’d be able to bake my favorite pastries on my own. Okay, with beau bc he has experience in baking. Can’t do this alone actually.

To ballet.
I know I’m too old already to learn ballet. Since I was a kid I’ve been asking my mom to let me attend to ballet summer classes but it was just too expensive. Ugh, good bye my childhood dreams, it’s too late now.

Not to procrastinate
This is self-explanatory.

24. Favorite form of exercise and why
If I’d be sarcastic I’d answer sleeping. But srsly, I like that kind of exercise that shapes the muscles in my tummy, thighs and arms.

25. What I’m reading right now
I currently am not reading any book right now but I am planning to start reading e-books (even though they really are bad for my eyes) because I have thought that I can’t wait a long time anymore to complete reading all John Green or Rainbow Rowell books. By that time there will be other nice books and I might go crazy kay “napag-iiwan” na ko. Haha!

26. My top 5 favorite hobbies/pastimes
I love “instagramming” and just surfing the net, stalking people, tumblring and whatnot. I sometime grab some pencils and papers and start drawing.

27. My celebrity crush(es)
Forever celeb crush, Daniel Jacob Radcliffe!!!

Well, I’m also starting to like Chris Pratt.

28. 10 things that make me happiest
Food, food, food, cats, food, cats, food, beau, food. cats.

29. 5 favorite foods
Frappuccinos with lots and lots of whipped cream.
Chocolates/Mint Chocolate
Honey Glazed Chicken
Shrimp Lollipop


Thanks for the read!

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