The Urban Living

We spent the first half of our Saturday killing time at Parkmall (and you know what, Parkmall is just the right mall to chill and actually kill time) and here at The Chillage. I’ve been wanting to go to the place and it’s been long written in my list of food places to go. I … More The Urban Living

Gadja 2015

Who else thinks of Coachella because of this kind of site? Haha. I noticed that the Coachella fest has this kind of warm vibe due to the afternoon sunlight when the sun’s just about to set. But that’s just that. Of course, Coachella is way more legit and greater when it comes to music and … More Gadja 2015


I just wanted to share how my life has been in slow pace lately. Same routine everyday and it’s about to make me feel sick. I can only do the things I purely love during the weekends and it’s really not enough of a time. I dreamed of doing the things I actually am fond … More Flanneled

Sweet Tooth

Who doesn’t like cookies? You? You must be a freakin’ cow dude. Why a cow? Because it’s the first word that popped into my mind. No explanation needed. Haha! *fades away* *comes back* For realzies tho… Cookies are probably like way up there in the list of most loved food of all time. The cookies … More Sweet Tooth

To the Big Day

When I knew that I’d be hosting an event, what I actually was worried about was the outfit that I’d wear. Is it a big deal? Of course! It is because number one, I’ll be facing the audience for the whole event, and number two, a hundred pair of eyes will be criticizing not only … More To the Big Day

Grids and Acid

Cebu Business Park has never failed to give me a site fair enough to do my blogging duties. Whenever I decide where to do my poses, I usually, if not always, end up with no one around but me and my photographer. Now if you’re a blogger like me, CBP will always have a place … More Grids and Acid

A Call for Help

Hi everyone. My friend Wenzel’s father got sick and has recently recovered but is still lying on a hospital bed all because of unpaid medical bills. My friend and his family need our help, our financial help. Here is the latest update of his father’s condition written on Wenzel’s blog. UPDATE 03-15-2015 Any donation will … More A Call for Help