According to my Tee

Yes, that’s an inverted letter E right there. When I found this tee on Zara, I immediately bought it because I instantly fell in love with it (and it was the last piece of my size!). Have I already mentioned how I love Saturdays so much? So I won’t be saying how they make me feel work and stress free again? Honestly, I don’t know what else to say in this very sentence anymore. Haha. I just got home and I’m so exhausted but I need to finish this right now because I still have other pending posts to make. I still have a lot to share to you guys. My weekend’s just epic.

I like to do that kind of lip bite because I think my nose would look uhm… nice? Hahaha

Here’s a closer look.


Talk about style blogging and the adventures of finding the right place to do all these. It’s not as easy as you might think it is, especially if you live in a city where people will stare at you if they think you are doing unusual things, like posing like a blogger to be specific! Haha. And there are only a handful of blog-post-worthy places here in our city, all of which happen to be far apart from each other. Finding the right place, if not perfect, for an outfit post is really essential.

I also attended Cebu Blogging Community’s “Ultimate” Meet-up at the Diamond Suites hotel and it was one amazing experience! Not only that I had fun during the event but I also gained insights I find really useful to me and to my blogging career. I can’t wait to share everything to you guys! Keep in touch.

Top and Jeggings – Zara | Sunnies – Metro Sunnies


33 thoughts on “According to my Tee

  1. Yes the weird stares. Haha. Oh well, bloggers have to do what they got to do! 😀 I like the simplicity of the shirt and the powerful message that comes with it. Nice meeting you at the CBC meetup Kath!

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