Gadja 2015

gadja cebu
Who else thinks of Coachella because of this kind of site? Haha. I noticed that the Coachella fest has this kind of warm vibe due to the afternoon sunlight when the sun’s just about to set. But that’s just that. Of course, Coachella is way more legit and greater when it comes to music and artists. I’m not comparing anything here, so peace out.
Nonetheless, Gadja 2015 is still just a baby on its first steps so we don’t get to expect too much. For all of you may have known, Gadja (powered by Mega Cebu) is a sem-ender party for the 12 universities in Cebu city.Β 
I was given the chance, as a CBC member, to avail a free ticket for the event. Actually including Ram because one of the 5 free tickets was still available since its original holder didn’t make it to the event on a short notice. But no, not free food. How I wish we could be that powerful haha! A fair warning (again), lots of photos will be flooding this post so just sit back and bear with your internet connection if it doesn’t load the pictures right away. πŸ˜›
gadja cebu
mega cebu
gadja cebu
gadja cebu
sun set
Credits to sirΒ Carlo Andrew Olano of Cebu Island Live for these photos of us with Jeph and ate Chanel.
gadja 2015
gadja 2015
The number of people got bigger as the night got consumed.
A few dance numbers were held performed by students from different universities.
Lou was one of the hosts during the event proper.
We also participated the Earth hour for literally an hour.
earth hour 2015
My favorite part was the bonfire with the fire dancing. I can only imagine it being so cozy and if we could only just grab a pack of marshmallows and roast them on the fire then it would be perfect.
fire dancing
fire dancing
These fire dudes were so fun to look at as they danced with the music as well. Haha.
And the rave began!
gadja 2015 rave
gadja 2015 rave
gadja 2015 rave
I met Honey during the event.
miss mandaue 2014
And also snapped a picture with Lou after she hosted.
big daddy cebu
big daddy burger
We also tried BigDaddy’s big expensive ass burger. It was good but not good enough to beat Flame It’s.


On the Friday during the first day of Gadja, we heard that the event was so quiet and not so well-organized. Well, we got to experience it ourselves the next day, but no, it turned out to be not that bad! The aforementioned issues were probably just because of Β it being a 2-day event, and people just got spread out because of the amount of events, and maybe because most of the organizers happen to be just students who were most probably busy with other things.

It was actually a fun-filled event most specially to those who got to enjoy the sprinkles and paint. Haha. Thanks CBC for having me. And of course my greatest gratitude to the one who was with me during the day (and all the days he spent in helping me with my blogging duties). Thanks a lot! We realized he didn’t have any pictures during the event. Glad it’s not a problem with him.

Another event down, more to go! This is life. I hope this doesn’t cut short.

17 thoughts on “Gadja 2015

  1. Looks like a great event! So they'll make this like an annual thing right? It's a nice way to gather students and be together for a cause. Bonus for the earth hour's bonfire. I love bonfires! πŸ™‚

  2. Ahh so sad I wasn't able to attend this! I had weekend work last Saturday, had Earth Hour at the office where only our computers and phones were our sole source of light, and went home at 1AM! Huhu. The only event I've ever attended nga same2x og ingon ani was the first ever HYPERCEBU. Huhu #sadlife LOL

  3. Had a team building that day so I badly missed this..I got to pass by the venue around 8pm going to Mandaue and it sure looks fun. πŸ™‚

  4. You always manage to get really great shots Kat! I badly wanted to attend this if only I didn't have a previous commitment. It looked like so much fun! Makamingaw ang college. Huhu.

  5. Hahahahaha! Maygani wala mo niuli og sayo Kath! At least nakakita ko sa pictures kung unsay nahitabo. We saw the fireworks from afar. We thought nga niuli namo mao niuli na lang mi. Hahahaha! Anyways, seems like you had a great time. ^_^

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