Talk about a long overdue post. This! Anyway, this outfit was purely unplanned and ‘dinalian‘ or rushed I should say. But I like how it turned out. I think it’s just one of those lax outfits yet maintaining the detail as you can see on my top. Desserts they are indeed! Haha. Fell in love … More DESSERT COATED

Walking On Sunshine

Ah! The beauty of summer. I have never seen its significance til now. I mean, during my college days, most of my summer vacations were spent inside four cornered rooms also known as school. I also never had a thing for making my skin five shades darker. I never wore bikinis. But who gives a … More Walking On Sunshine

Beach Bum

Have you ever dreamed of just chilling by the beach, listening to the wind breeze while reading a good book? Isn’t it tingling? Thanks to the long weekend, I got to experience what may have been one of the most stress-free days of my life. Who doesn’t even like the beach? I didn’t when I … More Beach Bum