I’m sure a lot of people living in Cebu already heard and have already been to Logos Hope, the floating library operated by a German Christian charitable organization. © Ram We went there on a Sunday afternoon and there were lots of people. First thing you’ll see inside are not books but wall frames like … More THE FLOATING LIBRARY


After we watched Pitch Perfect 2 on it’s 3rd third day of showing in cinemas, Ram and I were just at the perfect time to do what populates this post. It was 3pm and the shades were just right. I know I wore a sweater but it wasn’t that hot at all. Well, besides from … More WHERE LINES MEET


Got a lil perky on our meet-up with them kawaii girls on a Sunday afternoon. It was one hot afternoon but good thing there weren’t much people so we had a chance to snap our ootds. Would like to thank Vanessa for taking these photos since Ram just couldn’t because the meet-up was exclusive to us. Some BTS … More KIND OF PERKY


Last May 17, these girls and I had a meet-up and it was my first time seeing most of them in person. I was with (from left to right) Angelique, Mich, Vanessa and Jane. Actually, these girls come from a certain group who loves Japan and almost all things kawaii. Vanessa invited me to this … More THEM KAWAII GIRLS


As we left Kota Beach Resort in Bantayan, I opted for black and white pieces because frankly speaking, I don’t have much colorful clothes now. Like this post title say, these are my summer colors. If you haven’t read my summer getaway in Bantayan, go and check it out here. I was supposed to publish … More MY SUMMER COLORS


I was thankful that the sun was covered by the clouds on that Saturday giving us a lot of time to take pictures and do my blogging duties. Haha. If you want to know where this place is, then check this post I wrote. This skeleton swim suit is the bomb. I fell in love with … More SKELETAL


Think about lame blog post titles. I have plenty. Haha. Well anyway, I have not been posting lately because things are getting hectic at work. Hence, I, together with Ram, opted to go somewhere far from all the stress. Guess where? Bantayan Island! Finally. I divided my blog post into 4 parts since I wore … More PALE PALM TREES