Last May 17, these girls and I had a meet-up and it was my first time seeing most of them in person. I was with (from left to right) Angelique, Mich, Vanessa and Jane. Actually, these girls come from a certain group who loves Japan and almost all things kawaii. Vanessa invited me to this meet up since  Mich wanted to see me and I wanted to see her as well. Angelique was more into K-pop I guess and she’s really fun to be with, so are the rest of the girls! I met Michelle online a long time ago because of Vanessa. I was once her blog designer. She’s a Cebuana who lives in Japan and visits Cebu with her family whenever they can. We had to push this meet up on a Sunday since Mich will be living soon (Wednesday on that week).
We had a heavenly Japanese lunch at Sumo Sam. Thanks to Mich for the treat!
Photo from Mich’s phone.
There were only four of us during lunch since Jane had some errands to do before getting on to us. She managed to catch up after lunch.
Mich left an hour after lunch because she had an event to attend to so the rest of us went to Ullis in Ayala and grabbed some dessert.
Mich and I arrived earlier than the rest so we snapped a selfie haha.
I am not into Japanese-kawaii stuff but I had fun with these girls honestly. We had a lot of chitchat and it felt like I have been friends with them for a long time already. Haha. I also learned a lot about Japan, thanks to Mich! She also gave us some Japanese magazines, candies and cookies. I’ll miss these girls especially Mich since she’s already in Japan now. Til next time!

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