Have you ever noticed that I only post my blog entries whenever I’m able or like to? I mean isn’t that a kind of cluttered and poor way to maintain a blog? That’s why I have decided to make this blogging thing a lil more organized and steady. How? Well, if you are fond of watching YouTubers like Anna Akana, NigaHiga or JennxPenn, you probably would have noticed that they upload their videos on a specific day of every week. And so I thought why not also do it on my blog? Not only will it make my blog posts be organized, but will also improve my consistency. And I sincerely  hope my readers will find this convenient!
Since I’m a self-proclaimed life+style blogger now, I made a few series/categories for this blog that you might likely to anticipate:
As the title suggests, this is what my playlist series will be called. I’ll be posting a playlist/mixtape every month with 10-20 different songs in it. So I hope you guys will also love the taste of music I have. Most of them will not be those mainstream ones but I’m sure you’ll find them good, nonetheless. I’ll be posting this every once in a month.
This will consist of my life experiences lately which perhaps may be worth sharing. Well I do hope they are worth it not to mention I have a boring life. Haha. It may be about my recent activities (of course!), adventures and realizations. You may find them in this blog once a month or two, it depends.
I’m quite fond of fonts and I really appreciate how they seem to be of great help on how your site looks. That is why I came up with Font Fave, which obviously means my favorite fonts. They might be free or premium, it’s up to you if you’d be interested to have them. Will be featuring a font every once in a while.

HandwRetell is the portmanteau of the words ‘handwritten’ and ‘retell’ and it’s basically about my handwritten inspirational quotes, lines or sayings which may come from me or other people and I will be sharing my thoughts about it. Expect HandwRetell on a Sunday in every two weeks.

Have you tried creating an outfit grid? If you haven’t, you can try it out at Polyvore. I’ll also be posting my own here and call it Style Grid and that’s basically it. They will be up on a Friday every two weeks as well.

And of course! The pioneer categories of Nested Thoughts. Being that these kind of posts are what got my blog rolling in the first place, I feel like it would be a betrayal to myself if I stopped altogether (who even said I’m going to stop? haha!) so just look forward to continue seeing me on the streets posing for my outfit posts and snapping my food before I eat them.

In case it’s still not clear to you, those are the new features or series that Nested Thoughts will have. Geez. That’s a lot of blogging work to do but it’s okay because as I’ve said, I’m really doing this blogging thing for real. *fingers crossed*

I proudly admit that Camie Juan is my huge inspiration and influencer in doing this. I really like her and her work. You should check her out at Wild Spirit!

P.S., that horrible handwritting on the preview photo above is by yours truly. Haha. Don’t worry, I’ll keep improving. ✌

4 thoughts on “BLOGGING STEADY!

  1. I feel you regarding the “unorganized” blogging schedule before! lol.
    and since last year, I started doing it 5 days interval after a previous
    blog post. So, basically… once in a week blog-post.

    btw, Hi Kat! its so nice when you find a blogger, who blogs from the province.
    It's my first time here in your blog and I like it! Hoping to see more of your posts.

    P.S. I actually like your handwritten on the cover, swear! I can't even do that myself! hahaha

    April of:
    IG: @aprilnunezzz

  2. Hi April! I'm glad we share the same thoughts about blogging! Haha. Hoping to really stick with this decision.

    Thank you April, it's also nice to know you! Will definitely check your blog as well. And thanks for the appreciation of my handwriting haha it's still far from my expectations though I try to keep on improving! 🙂

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