Everybody’s very proud to speak in their mother tongue as it is the most comfortable to use being that it’s where we can express ourselves the best. If only it were possible to write this whole post in Bisaya, but I’ll stick with English for the sake of all readers being able to understand what I’m saying. My native language is Cebuano (also called Bisdak/Bisaya/Visayan) and I think I should tell that our language is has it’s unique traits that sometimes makes it kinda tough to use but that doesn’t stop us from being creative and one proof of that would be writing wonderful songs using that very language. 
Speaking of songs, we have this thing called VisPop!
VisPop or Visayan Pop is a Cebuano song writing competition with the goal to promote Bisaya art culture through the form of music. According to their Facebook page, “VISPOP isn’t just another songwriting contest. It is a songwriting campaign aimed at introducing a more professional and competitive playlist of Cebuano songs on the radio.” VisPop is already in its 3rd year now and would like to make a celebration out of it which is what VisPop Music Festival is, the first one to date.
VisPop Music Festival is a celebration of Bisdak music and a gathering of its most renowned local artists and finalists from VISPOP 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0. This is for everybody especially for the younger generation to become more aware about VisPop and to support local songs and artists as well.
Here are some of my favorites for the past 3 seasons:
It’s a rarity to hear Bisaya songs and even the times that we do get to hear one, it’s only the chorus that we remember. That’s why VisPop Music Festival isn’t just a celebration but also a campaign to support the Bisaya culture.
Are you getting interested already? You better be! Here are the details of the festival:

September 13, 2015, Fair opens at 1:00 PM, Music starts at 5:00 PM.


UP Cebu Grounds

PHP 300
(or Php700/750 for ticket + album. Album alone is sold at P500. Maka save ka if you avail this bundle!)

Missing Filemon, Jr. Kilat,  Aggresive Audio, Artists from Vispop 1.0-3.0, and a surprise guest!
These artists are all gonna perform live where you can actually get to see them. So don’t hesitate to bring your friends, relatives, and special someone! I promise you won’t regret it. I mean, who doesn’t like celebrating something that was made in their own backyard? Let us witness as these artists perform our very own Bisaya songs.
Take a look at this video clip about the festival to further boost your interest!
Dad-a ang mga migo, miga, palalabs ug ang tibuok pamilya! Tickets are sold at P300. PM us your name, number of tickets and contact number to book online. 🙂 Kitakits, mga ka-Bisdak! #vispopmusicfestival #bisayaauy
Posted by Vispop on Thursday, September 3, 2015