For the record, bodycon dresses are my favorite thing right now. I like how easy-going I get when I wear them. I don’t even get what this bodycon dress says (“All cats are gray in the dark”) but I still grabbed it because it has a cat print on it and you know how insane I am about cats. And this outfit could’ve been nicer with a baseball cap on. Been meaning to have one for the cheapest price but I can’t find it here in Cebu (or maybe I just suck at canvassing haha). Baseball caps look pretty much the same anyway regardless of their brand or price and I think I won’t even wear them every single day so why spend a huge amount of money for the sake of brand? Wise spending? I don’t know. Haha.
I wore sunglasses because it was pretty sunny during the morning and then again, this Philippine weather went bipolar and it began raining during the afternoon. Good thing it stopped for a while, giving us time to have this shoot. As you may have noticed in the background, the sky is very pale.
I really am a forgetful person that I tend forget stuff that I must bring when I go out for a walk, one of which are my sunglasses and it really pisses me off. There was one time on a Friday night when I was reminding myself not to forget my sunglasses for tomorrow’s day out but then Saturday came and I already left the house when suddenly… “Fudge! I forgot my sunglasses again!”. And it was a pretty sunny Cebu that time and all I could think about was how stupidly forgetful I am. And now, finally I was able to bring my sunglasses but it wasn’t even a sunny day for goodness sake!
Why am I even complaining as if this is a very huge dilemma? Haha. But well, I know small things like these can really drive us nuts at some point.
Yay I smiled! I know you don’t see me smiling on most of my outfit posts so hooray for this. I tried.
And yay (again!) for my new bag! I’m so obsessed with it right now. I think it’s my dream bag. I like the way it looks. The texture is not too shiny but not dull as well. It’s not too big, nor too small. And it’s a backpack! How convenient is that? You should get yours as well if you feel interested! Details will be at the end of this post, as usual. šŸ™‚
What do you think about the meaning of “All cats are gray in the dark”? Ram and I were arguing about it and all I could say was, “Nah, as long as it has a cat print on it, I don’t care anymore.” Haha. How about you? You can always leave your comments down below!
Bodycon – Jukaykay Atpb. | Bag – Bozhidara Bags (Online Instagram shop)

73 thoughts on “GRAY IN THE DARK

  1. Wow thank you so much Ochi. But no, I don't have it all figured out and it's overwhelming for me to find out the you think that way. Maybe it's just my passion. Haha! Thank you Ochi (your name is so cute btw) and don't be sorry! šŸ˜› šŸ™‚

  2. That bodycon looks great on you but I doubt that it'll look great on me. Hehehehehe! I love your back pack too Kat! The sky maybe pale when you had the picture taken but you certainly did add color to Cebu that day!

  3. It's kinda weird to be commenting on this post because I'm partly responsible for it since I'm your photographer! Haha!
    Anyway, I always love shooting you and think that you always look amazing specially when you flaunt your style–even if you say that I'm totally biased. Which I'm not, really. šŸ˜›

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