I just noticed that my facial expression here did an absolute contrast to the post title. I could’ve done a fierce look. Haha! Well, you’ll find some of it on the rest of this post. I attended the CBC Anniversary Party¬†held at F Cafe and Bar at The Gallery. The event was black themed and … More DARK SOUL


Look at me, first thing on the first day of the year, I went strolling around. You know, just kick starting the day. And hey! January 1st is a very special day to me and to some guy. If you know what I mean. *wink wink* Too bright. Too bright. Trust me, this only took … More Contrast


How to basic outfit? Go grayscale. Simple. Haha. Basic fashion has been trending these days and I am loving how black and white colors are mixed and matched. As the year is about to end, this kind of fashion style is soon to be replaced or ma-laos na next year. Well for the love of … More Grayscale

So Called Basic

Yes I’m back! Thanks to the holidays, it gave me time to blog again (for the mean time I suppose). Here comes another outfit post with my ridiculously un-photogenic face haha! Thanks to this guy for always accompany me on all my agendas. xoxo haha xxxxxx Most of all, I would always be forever thankful … More So Called Basic

Mint x Black

Wasn’t able to take good photos during the day so I did it during the night after arriving home. So here’s my mint x black outfit on my graduation day. Big thanks to my friend/former co-dancer/co-‘poseh’,¬†Honey Lyn Mendoza, for my beautiful hair and make-up with smoky eyes on my eyeshadow and nude lipstick on my … More Mint x Black


Black and white really are the best match, ain’t they? Thanks for my sister/photographer/walking wardrobe. Lol. xxxxxx The weather has been acting kind’a weird lately. Sometimes it’s too cold then suddenly it becomes freaking hot.But wait, why am I even complaining when I’m always at home haha. So we came up again with this together … More Naught