DIY: Frappe

So this was the contents of my boyfriend’s early Christmas present: a DIY Frappe set, I suppose.Since I thought it was a cool idea, I decided why not document the whole process as well!So here it is. What’s inside the jars? They’re actually around 4 tbsp. each of mint-chocolate drink powder re-packaged for a more vintage/classic … More DIY: Frappe

DIY: Tattered Jeans

Tattered jeans have become trendy these days. Today, tattered jeans aren’t just for rock band singers but most ladies who are into fashion love wearing them as well. Such awesome looking jeans can be so expensive, unless you know how to create them. I know that there are already lots and lots of tutorials on … More DIY: Tattered Jeans

DIY: Pop the Bob

Do you want a bob hairstyle but don’t want to cut your hair short? Here’s how to look your hair like a bob. Grab all your hair like this. Make a braid. Make a bun out of your braided hair and pin it all the way inside to make a bulge. xxxxxx I suddenly wanted … More DIY: Pop the Bob

A John Green-ny Gift

Haaayyy. The perks of having a doesn’t-run-out-of-surprises boyfriend. First, I got a Wreck This Journal Christmas gift from him, and then now, this? I didn’t even ask or try to ask him to buy me such literary stuff. Maybe, I should just zip my mouth whenever we run into a bookstore and start murmuring about … More A John Green-ny Gift