After we watched Pitch Perfect 2 on it’s 3rd third day of showing in cinemas, Ram and I were just at the perfect time to do what populates this post. It was 3pm and the shades were just right. I know I wore a sweater but it wasn’t that hot at all. Well, besides from … More WHERE LINES MEET


Got a lil perky on our meet-up with them kawaii girls on a Sunday afternoon. It was one hot afternoon but good thing there weren’t much people so we had a chance to snap our ootds. Would like to thank Vanessa for taking these photos since Ram just couldn’t because the meet-up was exclusive to us. Some BTS … More KIND OF PERKY


Talk about a long overdue post. This! Anyway, this outfit was purely unplanned and ‘dinalian‘ or rushed I should say. But I like how it turned out. I think it’s just one of those lax outfits yet maintaining the detail as you can see on my top. Desserts they are indeed! Haha. Fell in love … More DESSERT COATED

Beach Bum

Have you ever dreamed of just chilling by the beach, listening to the wind breeze while reading a good book? Isn’t it tingling? Thanks to the long weekend, I got to experience what may have been one of the most stress-free days of my life. Who doesn’t even like the beach? I didn’t when I … More Beach Bum


I just wanted to share how my life has been in slow pace lately. Same routine everyday and it’s about to make me feel sick. I can only do the things I purely love during the weekends and it’s really not enough of a time. I dreamed of doing the things I actually am fond … More Flanneled

To the Big Day

When I knew that I’d be hosting an event, what I actually was worried about was the outfit that I’d wear. Is it a big deal? Of course! It is because number one, I’ll be facing the audience for the whole event, and number two, a hundred pair of eyes will be criticizing not only … More To the Big Day

Grids and Acid

Cebu Business Park has never failed to give me a site fair enough to do my blogging duties. Whenever I decide where to do my poses, I usually, if not always, end up with no one around but me and my photographer. Now if you’re a blogger like me, CBP will always have a place … More Grids and Acid

Streaks and Rupture

As an employee, it’s really difficult to spend quality time with my loved ones since, as mentioned, I work. Then there goes the weekends, specifically Saturdays. It’s the day of the week where I could actually go to places, do blogging duties and hang around with Ram or sometimes with my younger sister Junalyn whose … More Streaks and Rupture