Talk about Saturdays and how we spend them. Me? There has been never a time (the past year) that I didn’t go out on a Saturday. Saturdays are so precious to me because most of my life happens during these days. This Saturday, I ran into Keene’s Weekend Catchup hangout at the Diamond Suites Cebu … More COULDN’T CARE LESS


Last May 17, these girls and I had a meet-up and it was my first time seeing most of them in person. I was with (from left to right) Angelique, Mich, Vanessa and Jane. Actually, these girls come from a certain group who loves Japan and almost all things kawaii. Vanessa invited me to this … More THEM KAWAII GIRLS

The Urban Living

We spent the first half of our Saturday killing time at Parkmall (and you know what, Parkmall is just the right mall to chill and actually kill time) and here at The Chillage. I’ve been wanting to go to the place and it’s been long written in my list of food places to go. I … More The Urban Living

Gadja 2015

Who else thinks of Coachella because of this kind of site? Haha. I noticed that the Coachella fest has this kind of warm vibe due to the afternoon sunlight when the sun’s just about to set. But that’s just that. Of course, Coachella is way more legit and greater when it comes to music and … More Gadja 2015

Sweet Tooth

Who doesn’t like cookies? You? You must be a freakin’ cow dude. Why a cow? Because it’s the first word that popped into my mind. No explanation needed. Haha! *fades away* *comes back* For realzies tho… Cookies are probably like way up there in the list of most loved food of all time. The cookies … More Sweet Tooth


Went to Pearl Meat Shop at The Strip, Osmeña Blvd.  We were expecting that this shop would be very crowded but nah-uh. Good thing we got there earlier for dinner and had the chance to sit at the perfect spot. In this kind of meal, we have to cook it ourselves with our own seasonings. … More Meaty

Maid and Butler

I just recently discovered this cafe and I instantly fell in love with it not because it is an anime themed cafe (I am not into anime) but because its interiors are white. White is love. Also black. 🙂 This is absolutely cool. These are the walls in the famous anime Attack On Titan. They … More Maid and Butler


I was too lucky to have discovered this place because of asking someone I don’t even know on Facebook about the place where they had their photo shoot. It’s in Cafe Racer! A newly opened diner located at the North Reclamation Area. You cannot find any jeepneys that go along this area so you may … More Barouche