Long Lost Twins!

Meet Sheelah. I’ve known her since grade school and we used to be so closed to each other that people thought we’re sisters because we really looked alike back then. I grew bigger and I hate that fact. Huhu. We would’ve had looked more alike if didn’t cut my hair short. 😦 I’m like her … More Long Lost Twins!

Sunrise Silhouette

The early birds.(Left to right)Joshua, Courtney, Felia, Junvir, Ramzy, Chember, Jorell and me xxxxxx Last Saturday, my college friends (my Dance Palabas 2013 co-dancers, specifically) and I went to some resort. The outing also served as a despidida for one of our choreographers, Mommy Ericah. We had an overnight stay actually and it was fun. … More Sunrise Silhouette