I was never a fan of bikinis and swimsuits but I suppose people change and mature. I’d love to wear them as much as possible (now that I still can haha!). And oh, I noticed I’ve been gaining weight recently and it’s reflected on my chunky cheeks. They’re the first thing to inflate whenever I’m about … More TRACES


I am currently in love with beaches and I’ve always been day dreaming about going nowhere but the beach. Philippine weather aside, the relaxing feeling the ocean breeze brings is the most pleasant part. The fun part is the swimming, especially through the deep part of the ocean where you can swim as free as … More SUN-BAKED


I’m sure a lot of people living in Cebu already heard and have already been to Logos Hope, the floating library operated by a German Christian charitable organization. © Ram We went there on a Sunday afternoon and there were lots of people. First thing you’ll see inside are not books but wall frames like … More THE FLOATING LIBRARY


As we left Kota Beach Resort in Bantayan, I opted for black and white pieces because frankly speaking, I don’t have much colorful clothes now. Like this post title say, these are my summer colors. If you haven’t read my summer getaway in Bantayan, go and check it out here. I was supposed to publish … More MY SUMMER COLORS