Back in high school I wasn’t really that fond of watching movies, TV series and stuff like that. I was just another mainstream girl who did mainstream stuff back then i.e. texting and sucking at class reporting. Haha. When me and the Internet got into a relationship, I started discovering things and that you don’t … More HOOQ and CHILL


Talk about Saturdays and how we spend them. Me? There has been never a time (the past year) that I didn’t go out on a Saturday. Saturdays are so precious to me because most of my life happens during these days. This Saturday, I ran into Keene’s Weekend Catchup hangout at the Diamond Suites Cebu … More COULDN’T CARE LESS


July 27, 2015, almost midnight, I was actually sleeping already that time when Ram called me to deliver some shocking news. I’m sure you still remember about Yamba‘s ultimate giveaway for their beta testers, right? Yes, I myself couldn’t believe it as well. I won. I won!!! Three lucky beta testers with the most number … More YAMBA ROCKS!


Have you ever noticed that I only post my blog entries whenever I’m able or like to? I mean isn’t that a kind of cluttered and poor way to maintain a blog? That’s why I have decided to make this blogging thing a lil more organized and steady. How? Well, if you are fond of … More BLOGGING STEADY!


Skirts are not really my thing, especially the shorter ones. I don’t feel comfortable wearing them maybe because I have scars and awkward legs (haha yes I’m totally aware of that). But I tried wearing one because I thought it would be cute to pair it with my “Sorry I was thinking about cats, again” … More TRYING TO BE DAINTY


I’m sure a lot of people living in Cebu already heard and have already been to Logos Hope, the floating library operated by a German Christian charitable organization. © Ram We went there on a Sunday afternoon and there were lots of people. First thing you’ll see inside are not books but wall frames like … More THE FLOATING LIBRARY


Last May 17, these girls and I had a meet-up and it was my first time seeing most of them in person. I was with (from left to right) Angelique, Mich, Vanessa and Jane. Actually, these girls come from a certain group who loves Japan and almost all things kawaii. Vanessa invited me to this … More THEM KAWAII GIRLS