Here’s to a CAT-like uniform outfit. Haha. Yep I know, I’ve thought of that already. But I have to tell you that it was comfortable wearing this look. Whenever I wear boots, I feel like I could just step anywhere I want. I feel solid and guarded. Haha. And don’t forget the good old high-waisted … More LITERALLY PALE

So Called Basic

Yes I’m back! Thanks to the holidays, it gave me time to blog again (for the mean time I suppose). Here comes another outfit post with my ridiculously un-photogenic face haha! Thanks to this guy for always accompany me on all my agendas. xoxo haha xxxxxx Most of all, I would always be forever thankful … More So Called Basic

Not So Monochrome

Unplanned outfits are always the best, at least for me. I don’t have something new in my wardrobe anymore. Good thing I’ve got younger twin sisters whom I could borrow clothes from. I got that gray cardigan from them.  I’m currently in love with this loose leggings my mom gave me. It’s so comfy I … More Not So Monochrome