Back in high school I wasn’t really that fond of watching movies, TV series and stuff like that. I was just another mainstream girl who did mainstream stuff back then i.e. texting and sucking at class reporting. Haha. When me and the Internet got into a relationship, I started discovering things and that you don’t … More HOOQ and CHILL


July 27, 2015, almost midnight, I was actually sleeping already that time when Ram called me to deliver some shocking news. I’m sure you still remember about Yamba‘s ultimate giveaway for their beta testers, right? Yes, I myself couldn’t believe it as well. I won. I won!!! Three lucky beta testers with the most number … More YAMBA ROCKS!

Join Yamba’s Beta Test To Be One Of The THREE iPhone 6 Winners!

I’m super excited with my first ever giveaway post, brought to you by Yamba. And it’s really big! Yamba is looking for people to evaluate the internet’s next big social media network! And they’re really excited to share it to you guys! Those who will join the beta test will get a chance to win … More Join Yamba’s Beta Test To Be One Of The THREE iPhone 6 Winners!


Have you ever noticed that I only post my blog entries whenever I’m able or like to? I mean isn’t that a kind of cluttered and poor way to maintain a blog? That’s why I have decided to make this blogging thing a lil more organized and steady. How? Well, if you are fond of … More BLOGGING STEADY!

A Call for Help

Hi everyone. My friend Wenzel’s father got sick and has recently recovered but is still lying on a hospital bed all because of unpaid medical bills. My friend and his family need our help, our financial help. Here is the latest update of his father’s condition written on Wenzel’s blog. UPDATE 03-15-2015 Any donation will … More A Call for Help