There’s really so much in store for us as CBC members. One of which is being able to accompany a big time cosplayer in a conference room. August 23, Sunday, marked the last day of E-Sports¬†Festival 2015 held at SM City Cebu which was a three-day event that started on August 21st. It is an … More E-SPORTS FEST 2015!


Back in high school I wasn’t really that fond of watching movies, TV series and stuff like that. I was just another mainstream girl who did mainstream stuff back then i.e. texting and sucking at class reporting. Haha. When me and the Internet got into a relationship, I started discovering things and that you don’t … More HOOQ and CHILL


July 27, 2015, almost midnight, I was actually sleeping already that time when Ram called me to deliver some shocking news. I’m sure you still remember about Yamba‘s ultimate giveaway for their beta testers, right? Yes, I myself couldn’t believe it as well. I won. I won!!! Three lucky beta testers with the most number … More YAMBA ROCKS!