How to basic outfit? Go grayscale. Simple. Haha. Basic fashion has been trending these days and I am loving how black and white colors are mixed and matched. As the year is about to end, this kind of fashion style is soon to be replaced or ma-laos na next year. Well for the love of … More Grayscale

DIY: Frappe

So this was the contents of my boyfriend’s early Christmas present: a DIY Frappe set, I suppose.Since I thought it was a cool idea, I decided why not document the whole process as well!So here it is. What’s inside the jars? They’re actually around 4 tbsp. each of mint-chocolate drink powder re-packaged for a more vintage/classic … More DIY: Frappe

So Called Basic

Yes I’m back! Thanks to the holidays, it gave me time to blog again (for the mean time I suppose). Here comes another outfit post with my ridiculously un-photogenic face haha! Thanks to this guy for always accompany me on all my agendas. xoxo haha xxxxxx Most of all, I would always be forever thankful … More So Called Basic

Black n Yellow

Another boring outfit post for the sake of filling up my outdated blog!  So last Saturday, we attended Univercity 2014 fest. I made a blog post about it here. I was wearing the Univercity shirt and a very comfy pair of jeggings on slip ons. T-shirt – Islands Souvenirs / Jeggings – Forever21 / Metallic tattoo and crystal … More Black n Yellow


Who says Univercity is just for students? Yes, majority of the attendees are students but I bet this event is for everyone to enjoy.  Also, happy birthday to this guy! It’s like he’s having a very huge party with 1000+ guests. Haha. We got there pass 5pm already and we didn’t regret it because if … More UNIVERCITY 2014