Streaks and Rupture

As an employee, it’s really difficult to spend quality time with my loved ones since, as mentioned, I work. Then there goes the weekends, specifically Saturdays. It’s the day of the week where I could actually go to places, do blogging duties and hang around with Ram or sometimes with my younger sister Junalyn whose … More Streaks and Rupture


Went to Pearl Meat Shop at The Strip, Osmeña Blvd.  We were expecting that this shop would be very crowded but nah-uh. Good thing we got there earlier for dinner and had the chance to sit at the perfect spot. In this kind of meal, we have to cook it ourselves with our own seasonings. … More Meaty


So, Valentine’s day huh? Haha. I’m not bitter because I have someone to celebrate the day with but nonetheless, Valentine’s day is just an ordinary day and the only difference is that most of the people are wearing red and are bringing chocolates and flowers with them. It’s also a bountiful day for vendors, if … More Bittersweet


Got something like a detached outfit because of my cropped on my obviously slender torso, don’t you think? Haha. Good thing we found a not so crowded place at SM parking grounds and it was really windy at that time. It helped us cope the hot weather. Proud veiny. Not. Perfect timing, wind. xxxxxx Philippine … More Detached


So I mentioned in my last post about this place being so nice and white, obviously, and that you should go there some time as well. Haha. That’s straightforward. Click the link for more info. And yet again, here’s another mandatory outfit post of the day. If you are wondering about the title of this … More Meridiem