Back in high school I wasn’t really that fond of watching movies, TV series and stuff like that. I was just another mainstream girl who did mainstream stuff back then i.e. texting and sucking at class reporting. Haha. When me and the Internet got into a relationship, I started discovering things and that you don’t always need the television to get to see movies and TV series. How awesome is that? Now here’s the thing, have you heard about HOOQ?

If you’re a fan of movies and TV series, then HOOQ is perfect for you! Who says we can’t ‘Netflix and chill’? We can! But since Netflix has yet to reach the country, we can coin ours as ‘HOOQ and chill’. Sounds as cool, isn’t it? 
HOOQ is the newest on-demand video streaming service powered by Globe Telecom! HOOQ delivers both Hollywood blockbusters and television series. Not only that, it also provides a wide selection of Filipino, Indian, Chinese, Thai, Indonesian, Korean and Japanese movies and TV series as well. With over 30,000 hours of movies and series, you can always treat yourself with your favorite blockbusters, timeless classics and local hits!
Subscriptions start at Php149 a month on GoSurf and Tattoo Postpaid plans. For as low as Php149, you can already stream and/or download your favorite content at any time. Unlimited access, unlimited fun! Nothing knows entertainment like HOOQ!
During the first anniversary of CBC, we were given a free one month subscription from HOOQ and guess what, you can too! Just go to their site for more info.
From now on, you don’t need to pirate your favorite movies and TV series because HOOQ already got it for you for a very reasonable price. 
Visit HOOQ at https://www.hooq.tv/ph or you can download their app in your Android or iOS device. Enjoy your infinite fun adventure with HOOQ!

2 thoughts on “HOOQ and CHILL

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