There’s really so much in store for us as CBC members. One of which is being able to accompany a big time cosplayer in a conference room. August 23, Sunday, marked the last day of E-Sports Festival 2015 held at SM City Cebu which was a three-day event that started on August 21st. It is an … More E-SPORTS FEST 2015!


Dare to Denim: SM WOMAN Launches Body-Positive Campaign The standards for the perfect body type are already being challenged by modern women. Leading this charge, SM Woman champions a body-positive cause by providing the most diverse range of the ultimate fashion staple. Inviting women to “Dare to Denim,” the new SM Woman campaign empowers women … More #DARETODENIM


Last May 17, these girls and I had a meet-up and it was my first time seeing most of them in person. I was with (from left to right) Angelique, Mich, Vanessa and Jane. Actually, these girls come from a certain group who loves Japan and almost all things kawaii. Vanessa invited me to this … More THEM KAWAII GIRLS

Gadja 2015

Who else thinks of Coachella because of this kind of site? Haha. I noticed that the Coachella fest has this kind of warm vibe due to the afternoon sunlight when the sun’s just about to set. But that’s just that. Of course, Coachella is way more legit and greater when it comes to music and … More Gadja 2015

To the Big Day

When I knew that I’d be hosting an event, what I actually was worried about was the outfit that I’d wear. Is it a big deal? Of course! It is because number one, I’ll be facing the audience for the whole event, and number two, a hundred pair of eyes will be criticizing not only … More To the Big Day

Social Authors

CBC or the Cebu Blogging Community just had what we call an “ultimate” meet-up. Ultimate because it was our first official meet-up plus pool party held in the lofty Diamond Suites Cebu! I just can’t imagine where our next gatherings will take place and how it will turn out. Excitement tickles me just by imagining … More Social Authors