Dare to Denim: SM WOMAN Launches Body-Positive Campaign
The standards for the perfect body type are already being challenged by modern women. Leading this charge, SM Woman champions a body-positive cause by providing the most diverse range of the ultimate fashion staple.
Inviting women to “Dare to Denim,” the new SM Woman campaign empowers women to feel beautiful, comfortable, and confident in their skin, no matter what age, color, size or shape they come in. Whether you’ve got killer curves, boast of skin that is perpetually sun-kissed, have legs that go on forever, or beautiful lines on your face that show that wisdom comes with age, SM Woman’s “the denim difference” has something in store for you. 
After all, unlike other forms of clothing, denim is for all, and there is one for every woman.

Thirteen stellar ambassadors have been gathered together to reflect the powerful statement behind this campaign: that denim knows no labels, and that denim defies age, size and skin color. Multi-hyphenate wives, moms, professionals, models, and athletes, each with distinct needs and lifestyles are united by a versatile piece of blue fabric.
Joining the league of this body-positive campaign are Cebuanas Joana Cuenco, Lori Darza; online style star, Andrea Aldeguer; junior correspondent, Tricia Patena; Mariquita Salimbangon; entrepreneur, Belinda Wong; modern sustainable construction advocate, Marylou Ngo-Ang; Miss World-Philippines 2012, Vanessa Amman; Lapu-Lapu City’s councilor, Quennie Amman; online food and fashion personality, Patty Taboada; CEO of Alcordo Advertising and breast cancer survivor, Mary Anne Alcordo Solomon; local star Gabi Darza; and the classic Society figure that is no less than the Amparito Lhuillier. Denim truly unites all and accepts all.

An incredible testament to denim: its unique ability to make any woman of any age, color, shape, size, and walk of life look and feel both comfortable and powerful. With its widest range of brands, styles, sizes, and trends, SM Woman has it all for denim

SM Woman Dare to Denim Style Tips

1. Teen ice-skating champion Emee Dy elongates her petite frame by wearing a denim pencil skirt with a sleeveless collared top. Match this with a pair of white sneakers to look youthful and fun.  
2. Jach Manere’s sun-kissed morena skin looks golden wearing her vintage inspired denim outfit. To look like a sweetheart from the 50s, match a cropped top with a pair of denim pedal pushers. People will wonder if you stepped out of a pin-up poster.
3. If you’ve been blessed with a full figure like Kimi Lu, take advantage of the denim-on-denim trend that looks like it is here to stay. Accentuate your assets while maintaining an elegant appeal by wearing your denim polos over your denim jeans to achieve a casual but polished look.  
4. Melania Le Trojes is not your average model, but a real woman with real curves. Try contrasting washes of denim to bring attention to the right places, without sacrificing a high-fashion appeal.

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