For the record, bodycon dresses are my favorite thing right now. I like how easy-going I get when I wear them. I don’t even get what this bodycon dress says (“All cats are gray in the dark”) but I still grabbed it because it has a cat print on it and you know how insane … More GRAY IN THE DARK

CBC 1st OOTD Shoot

CBC planned out an OOTD shoot and this is basically what came of it! It was set during a Sunday so that most would be able to attend. The activity was aimed to sort of familiarize the other members of the CBC (especially those who are interested with starting or trying out OOTD posts in … More CBC 1st OOTD Shoot


Black and white (and gray) have become my colors lately (are they even actually colors?). Most of my clothes are of black, white, and gray tones and I love it. You can barely see actual colors in my closet. There’s just something about these shades that coexists with my soul. Haha. Well, here’s another OOTD … More BATWING


Talk about Saturdays and how we spend them. Me? There has been never a time (the past year) that I didn’t go out on a Saturday. Saturdays are so precious to me because most of my life happens during these days. This Saturday, I ran into Keene’s Weekend Catchup hangout at the Diamond Suites Cebu … More COULDN’T CARE LESS


Have I told you that I’ve been to the island of Camotes just recently? No? Well, now you know! And it’s almost been 2 weeks since then. I promised myself not have anymore overdue posts but I guess promises are made to be broken… sometimes. Haha. Expecting to arrive at around 10 in the morning, … More FINE ASH


As you are noticing right now, I’m wearing eyeglasses in this post and no, those aren’t just fancy eyeglasses, they actually serve a purpose!. I’m currently loving them (thanks Delos Reyes!) and they’re really improving my not-so-poor eyesight. Anyway… Last Saturday, Ram and I went to JA Photography studio to have our super late graduation … More DWEEB


I just noticed that my facial expression here did an absolute contrast to the post title. I could’ve done a fierce look. Haha! Well, you’ll find some of it on the rest of this post. I attended the CBC Anniversary Party held at F Cafe and Bar at The Gallery. The event was black themed and … More DARK SOUL


Here’s to a CAT-like uniform outfit. Haha. Yep I know, I’ve thought of that already. But I have to tell you that it was comfortable wearing this look. Whenever I wear boots, I feel like I could just step anywhere I want. I feel solid and guarded. Haha. And don’t forget the good old high-waisted … More LITERALLY PALE


Skirts are not really my thing, especially the shorter ones. I don’t feel comfortable wearing them maybe because I have scars and awkward legs (haha yes I’m totally aware of that). But I tried wearing one because I thought it would be cute to pair it with my “Sorry I was thinking about cats, again” … More TRYING TO BE DAINTY


Got a lil perky on our meet-up with them kawaii girls on a Sunday afternoon. It was one hot afternoon but good thing there weren’t much people so we had a chance to snap our ootds. Would like to thank Vanessa for taking these photos since Ram just couldn’t because the meet-up was exclusive to us. Some BTS … More KIND OF PERKY