Social Authors

CBC or the Cebu Blogging Community just had what we call an “ultimate” meet-up. Ultimate because it was our first official meet-up plus pool party held in the lofty Diamond Suites Cebu! I just can’t imagine where our next gatherings will take place and how it will turn out. Excitement tickles me just by imagining … More Social Authors


Who says Univercity is just for students? Yes, majority of the attendees are students but I bet this event is for everyone to enjoy.  Also, happy birthday to this guy! It’s like he’s having a very huge party with 1000+ guests. Haha. We got there pass 5pm already and we didn’t regret it because if … More UNIVERCITY 2014

Fire x Ice

It was USJ-R CICCT’s Acquaintance party 2014. It was themed as Fire and Ice where participants may choose to wear anything that symbolizes fire or ice, and that is basically red/orange and white/blue, respectively. Here’s a simple outfit I wore. And it’s obvious I represented fire. Mehee. Dinnah! Hosts for the first part of the … More Fire x Ice

Expect the Unexpected

So last Sunday, we had a Christmas party together with my IT Poseh family (CICCT Dance Palabas Crew) @ Courtney’s house. Plans were held days before the event wherein we were to make our desired codenames and then randomly pick one from the opposite gender who will serve as our respective manita/manito. The good thing … More Expect the Unexpected