Here’s to a CAT-like uniform outfit. Haha. Yep I know, I’ve thought of that already. But I have to tell you that it was comfortable wearing this look. Whenever I wear boots, I feel like I could just step anywhere I want. I feel solid and guarded. Haha. And don’t forget the good old high-waisted … More LITERALLY PALE


Skirts are not really my thing, especially the shorter ones. I don’t feel comfortable wearing them maybe because I have scars and awkward legs (haha yes I’m totally aware of that). But I tried wearing one because I thought it would be cute to pair it with my “Sorry I was thinking about cats, again” … More TRYING TO BE DAINTY


I am currently in love with beaches and I’ve always been day dreaming about going nowhere but the beach. Philippine weather aside, the relaxing feeling the ocean breeze brings is the most pleasant part. The fun part is the swimming, especially through the deep part of the ocean where you can swim as free as … More SUN-BAKED